About EMF

Welcome to the Erasmus Mundus Forum, a space for potential Erasmus Mundus applicants, current students and alumni to share their EM journey. It’s a platform for discussing topics relevant to Erasmus Mundus, life in Europe, and career progression. Participate in the forum and make a difference in someone’s EM story. Erasmus Mundus is a pivotal chapter in anyone’s life. Let’s make it as awesome as possible.

The team
We are friends who want to make the world better, one tiny click at a time.

Abby is an EM alumna and content creator based in Malaysia. As blog admin of Pinoy Erasmus Mundus, she received hundreds of messages asking the same questions, many of which she couldn’t answer. The Erasmus Mundus Forum is an attempt to answer those questions.

Rhem is a web developer, manager and all-around theater production guy based in the Philippines.

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